Accessed directly through The Valley of The Pools, the Zimbali beach is located alongside the Zimbali Coastal Resort, with 3km of unspoilt beach. Beach-goers can enjoy the contrasting beauty of the green forest estate and the deep blue warm Indian Ocean. This beach is not designated for swimming, although other bathing and legendary surfing beaches are located in close proximity to Zimbali. Feel the warm beach sand move slowly between your toes and savour a gentle breeze at your back on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with the hospitality and opulence of the Zimbali Lodge or Fairmont Zimbali Hotel a mere stone’s throw away.


Enjoy the lush splendour of nature as you walk, bike or run through the estate. The estate is underpinned by an ethos of living in harmony with nature, and is a declared nature reserve. In addition, all primary dune areas have been demarcated as conservation areas providing a refuge for the rich variety of local flora & fauna. Zimbali has several natural spring water lakes, which create a beautiful habitat for birds, a host of butterflies and a wide variety of indigenous plant life. Animal life within the forest reserve includes Bush Buck, Blue Duiker, Bush Baby, Vervet Monkey, Banded Mongoose and Wild Pig. The accessible nature trails provide the perfect opportunity for residents to engage with the natural environment in an unobtrusive way.


Wake up to the alluring call of the elusive Purple-Crested Turaco, watch the Saddlebilled Stork slowly wade through the wetland habitat, or witness the majestic afternoon flight of the African Fish Eagle. Zimbali Coastal Resort is a declared and protected conservancy teeming with an abundance of flora and fauna, giving nature enthusiasts the chance to see a wide variety of indigenous wildlife in their natural habitat. The surrounding natural environment that forms part of Zimbali Coastal Resort is also home to over 250 bird species. Pathways and viewing decks which run through the estate provide the perfect opportunity for bird-watching at any time. Zimbali Coastal Resort truly is a bird-lovers’ paradise.